Medical Examiners Report of Autopsy (PDF) (read full report ...)
June 16, 2005

Schindler Family's Statement on Medical Examiner's Report (PDF)

June 16, 2005: We would like to thank the IME for his time and effort in making this report. We are not challenging the findings in his report, but we would like to make a few comments publicly. (read entire statement ...)

Schindler Coroner Nixed From Terri Autopsy
From NewsMax

April 1, 2005: Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, the well-known forensic pathologist and coroner of Allegheny County, Pa., told listeners of a morning radio show that he was denied permission to observe Terri Schiavo's autopsy, despite the wishes of her parents. (continue reading ...)

The Schiavo Autopsy: A Sober Look
By Michelle Malkin

June 16, 2005: Late last night, I took the time to read the 39-page autopsy report of Terri Schiavo-something which, it is clear to me, most of the callous gloaters on the other side of this debate have not bothered to do. And will never do. (continue reading ...)

Atrophy of Compassion
By Fr. Frank Pavone

June 16, 2005: The autopsy of Terri Schiavo has been released to the public, bringing attention once again to this sad and tragic case, and reigniting so many of the debates surrounding her life and death. (continue reading ...)

Autopsy Suggests Schiavo Cognizant
Analyst: 'It's possible Terri was aware of everything being done to her'

June 17, 2005: Challenging the assumptions of many analysts and news reports, an attorney who specializes in medical ethics cases points out the autopsy report of Terri Schiavo indicates the brain-injured woman might have been cognizant of her surroundings as her family insisted. (continue reading ...)

Terri Schiavo's Autopsy: The Blind Spot
By Sherry Eros, MD and Steven Eros

June 21, 2005: By reference to the medical literature adduces evidence that a substantial portion of the loss in Terri's brain weight observed postmortem may have been due to the dehydration to which she was subjected. (continue reading ...)

The Continuing Case of Terri Schiavo
By Nat Hentoff

July 11, 2005: The end of the June 15 autopsy report on Terri Schiavo states that it is the policy of the medical examiner's officer "that no case is ever closed and that all determinations are to be reconsidered upon receipt of credible, new information." (continue reading ...)

Was Autopsy the Final Word?
Results reported as 'confirmation,' 'vindication,' but others beg to differ
By Diana Lynne

October 11, 2005: In the minds of many Americans, the results of the autopsy performed on Terri Schiavo served as the final word on the debate over whether the 41-year-old brain-damaged Florida woman should have been dehydrated to death per court order. (continue reading ...)

Forensic Analyst Questions Schiavo Autopsy, PVS Diagnosis
From North Country Gazette

July 5, 2006: Was Terri Schindler Schiavo in a persistent vegetative state or a minimally conscious state? A former forensic lab analyst with the forensic science division of the toxicology department of the Office of the Medical Examiner in New York says that the evidence strongly suggests that Terri Schiavo was never properly diagnosed and very likely was misdiagnosed. (continue reading ...)

New Schiavo Document Gives Cause for Independent Autopsy Review
From North Country Gazette

November 26, 2006: A new document has surfaced in the Terri Schiavo case which casts even greater doubts on the veracity of Michael Schiavo and gives cause for an independent forensic pathologist to review the videotapes and specimens said to exist of the Schiavo autopsy. (continue reading ...)