Throughout the battle for Terri Schiavo's life, an amazing grassroots network grew across the internet. Primarily, bloggers became an important outlet for quick links and comment about Terri, but they also helped support actions to protect her and other disabled people.

The Blogsphere is a powerful tool for sharing information and ideas and because of it, upwards of 200,000 petitions were delivered to Governor Jeb Bush in 2003, asking that he provide Terri with statutorily guaranteed protections. Because of that effort, Terri's life was protected in 2003 from terminal dehydration.

The Blogs have also been fundamental in providing people with information about legislation that effects their medical treatment options. In 2005, a number of measures were introduced in state senates that directly impact matters of incapacitated persons. Through the Blogsphere, people were informed and became active in the legislative process by voicing their positions to their state representatives.

We encourage you to browse through just some of the blogs who have been instrumental in sharing the quick links about Terri's case and bringing the plight of vulnerable people into public view. Without them, stories like Terri's would not be understood.

Click on the link name below to visit just some of our recommended list of Blogs:

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