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Letter From Terri's Life & Hope Network
Week of October 3, 2011

Dear Friends,

In case you might have missed the exciting news, Country music star, Collin Raye, has joined the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network as national spokesman! Collin is going to join us in our efforts to be a voice for the cognitively impaired and those at risk of euthanasia.

Collin has an amazing story of faith to tell, a path that drew his heart close to those of us at Terri’s Life & Hope Network. We are truly blessed to have Collin Raye stand with us to reach an even broader audience to speak up for those who need our love and protection. You can read all of the wonderful articles announcing Collin Raye and the work he will be doing at Terri’s Life & Hope Network by clicking here!

Pat Robertson’s Terribly Insensitive Comments!

"I hate Alzheimer’s…Because the person you have loved for 20, 30 or 40 years is gone. They’re gone. They’re gone! This is a kind of death…If he says she is gone, he is right, because this is like a walking death."

It is difficult to believe that these are the words of Pat Robertson. How horribly insensitive and quite frankly, very dangerous these remarks potentially are. I say dangerous because, something we have been repeating since Terri's death, is this growing prejudice that exists towards those with cognitive disabilities. Indeed, it is comments like Pat Robertson’s that only do more to condition people into accepting killing as an answer to how we treat, not only those with Alzheimer's, but all of our most vulnerable.

While it is true that caring for those with brain injuries can sometimes be very difficult, doing what is right and having compassion and respect for all human life is our only option. You can read more about Pat Robertson and the reaction from Wesley J. Smith below.

Upcoming Speaking Events!

This time of year is typically very busy and this year is no different. Terri’s Life & Hope Network has been invited to speak at several conferences this fall and we hope we will have the opportunity to meet many of you.

Recently, I returned from England where I was invited to speak at the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child. It was a terrific conference with over one hundred participates in attendance. The reception and support I received was heartwarming and even though its been over six years since Terri's death, I was reminded how Terri and her story is very much alive today and embedded in the hearts of many.

This October we will be attending several more conferences, including an invitation to take part in a panel discussion at the Values Votes Summit in Washington DC on October 8. Our upcoming events are included in this newsletter - please check them out and see if we'll be in your area!

Terri’s Life & Hope Network - Working to Protect Our Vulnerable!

Terri’s Life & Hope is always working to help protect others from a culture that seems to be becoming more bias towards those with cognitive disabilities.

Unfortunately, because of this anti-life sentiment growing in our culture and the acceptance of killing people based on “quality of life” decisions, Terri’s Life & Hope Network was established – to do everything we can to educate our general public on these vital issues, as well as protect our weakest Americans.

It is only because of your help we can do this, so we want to sincerely thank you for your support!

Bobby Schindler
Executive Director

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Without your support, we could not continue to be in a position to educate those on health care reform, futile care, assisted suicide and so much more. Terri’s Network has communicated with and provided resources for thousands of families and have been involved in hundreds of cases.

Donating today to Terri’s Network will help us continue to save lives and give families a much needed voice! Thank you!

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What Robertson Doesn't Know: Unconditional Love Heals

By Wesley J. Smith, Secondhand Smoke

I am still steamed at Pat Robertson’s blessing of abandoning a spouse with Alzheimer’s and moving on with life, so long as custodial care is provided, lamely excused by his claiming that Alzheimer’s is a “walking death,” and that such patients, “are gone, they’re gone!  They’re gone!.” Robertson meant that the “till death do us part” was fulfilled in such cases.

Baloney, he was actually espousing a “till sickness do us part” marriage ethic, since people want to enjoy their lives and sticking with a catastrophically ill person is such a downer.

I thought about Pastor Pat when reading a column in this morning’s SF Chronicle about a family caring for their beloved husband/father whose Alzheimer’s is really biting. 

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