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Letter From Terri's Life & Hope Network
Week of March 22, 2012

Dear Friends,

Following Terri’s death in 2005 we established an International Day of Prayer and Remembrance for my sister, Terri Schindler Schiavo, and All of Our Vulnerable Brothers and Sisters, now known as “Terri's Day!” to be observed each year on March 31st, the anniversary of Terri’s death.

This year the Mass which has become part of “Terri’s Day!” will be held Friday, March 30, 2012 observing the 7th anniversary of Terri’s death. The event will be held at 5: 00 PM at the Ave Maria Oratory on the Ave Maria University campus, 5050 Ave Maria Boulevard, Ave Maria, FL 34142.

All are invited to attend and we hope you will be able to join us for this very special event. For more information about Terri’s National Memorial Mass including how you can get involved, find hotels near Ave Maria and learn more about Ave Maria University, please visit Terri’s Life & Hope Network at www.lifeandhope.com.

The Law of Life Summit “2″!

Also, in conjunction with the 7th Annual “Terri’s Day!” and the Memorial Mass, Ave Maria School of Law will be hosting The Law of Life Summit “2″. The Summit will be held prior to Terri’s Mass on Friday, March 30 from 12:15 to 2:30 PM at the Ave Maria School of Law located in Naples, FL. The purpose of the Summit is to bring together pro-life leaders, law students and the community creating measurable and achievable pro-life objectives. Admission is free, but space is limited.

For more information you can email info@lawlife.org or visit their website by clicking here!

Overview of Terri's Day!

We invite our supporters to spend time on Terri’s Day! learning about Terri, the truth with what happened to her and praying for all whose lives are threatened in the same way that Terri's was.

We invite Churches to hold memorial services and to educate their people on the dignity of every human life, despite any disability.

We invite educational institutions to help dispel the myths and inaccuracies about Terri's life and death, and to contribute to our society's debate regarding the rights of the disabled by providing accurate, factual information of caring for the vulnerable. We invite all people to use the resources on Terri’s website and to help us continue to draw good out of the sad and tragic way in which Terri was treated.

The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Networks 3rd Annual Concert!

Please continue to visit our website www.lifeandhope.com with this special announcement coming soon!

Thank you!

As you know, Terri’s Life & Hope Network is here to defend the fundamental right to life given to us by our Creator. This includes the rights of the profoundly brain injured, who despite their limitations, have not lost their inherit value and dignity.

We realize that there are many of you that are currently facing very difficult times. That is why we want to sincerely thank all of those that continue to support us, not only financially, but by your phone calls, emails and the letters we continue to receive on a daily basis.

God’s Blessings,
Bobby Schindler

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Donating today to Terri’s Network will help us continue to save lives and give families a much needed voice! Thank you!

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Should Dehydration be Default for PVS?

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D.

From March 15, 2012 (Reason) – Bioethics exploded into the headlines over the last few weeks after the Journal of Medical Ethics published an article promoting “after-birth abortion,” that is, the right of parents to have infants killed if the child’s presence in life did not serve their (or society’s) interests.

But hidden by the sturm und drang over infanticide, Bioethics published another radical proposal that received virtually no attention—but which, if adopted, could result in thousands of persistent vegetative state (PVS) patients being dehydrated to death. (continue reading …)

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